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Principal's Corner

Principal Amrhein

Welcome to the Principal's Corner. My name is Lauren Amrhein, principal of Bernice A. Ray Elementary School. Each week I post a message here to keep you updated on important topics that are happening at our school.

My weekly posts can also be found in the weekly Ray of Sunshine newsletter which I highly encourage you to view. I also happen to have a twitter feed (in column to the right) where I like to post things that are happening throughout the day. I hope you find all of this information helpful, informative and fun.




Most Recent Post:

January 2, 2022


Dear Families,

Welcome to 2022 at the Ray School! We hope that your break has been enjoyable and restful. We look forward to welcoming everyone back tomorrow for our first school day of the new year.

I will use this first note of the new year to remind us all of how well we have done, together, facing this pandemic and keeping our schools open. It has been our commitment to science, respect, community, and kindness that have gotten us this far. In those moments where it is tempting to point fingers, place blame, or allow fear to dictate how we react, let us continue to remember that we are all in this fight together, doing the best we can with the information we have at any given moment. 

As we gather back together at school, here are a few important points and reminders:

  • We ask that all families who have traveled during the break or have gathered in groups during holiday celebrations, take a COVID test (rapid or PCR) before returning to school.  Dr. Badams’ letter from earlier in the week outlined how to obtain tests.
  • Keep sick students home and seek testing. 
  • At this time, people (students and staff) who test positive should still follow the state of NH guidelines of a 10 day isolation period. We are following the NH DHHS School Toolkit.
  • At this time, people (students and staff) who are unvaccinated and are exposed to a household member who tests positive must quarantine for 10 days, again following the NH guidelines.
  • At this time, people who have been exposed to COVID but are fully vaccinated may continue normal daily activities but with strict mask wearing and recommended testing on day 5-7.
  • We support decisions made by families to keep students home if breakthrough COVID cases are happening in the household across family members. We know this variant is much more transmissible and that breakthrough cases are happening at a higher rate. Keeping exposed but fully vaccinated students home from school until testing on day 5 represents a cautious approach. We recommend that families experiencing COVID in the household reach out to their primary care physicians for guidance. 
  • For our students who are now eligible for vaccination, the definition of “fully vaccinated” is 2 weeks after the second vaccination. 
  • We will evaluate the new CDC guidelines as a response team in the coming week, but as of now we will continue to use the NH DHHS School Toolkit and associated guidelines. 
  • Finally, please be sure that your student is wearing a mask that fits well and comfortably over the mouth and nose. Masks should have 2 or more layers and fit on the face without leaving any gaps. If you purchase new masks for your student, please test them out at home before sending them to school to ensure they will provide the fit and protection necessary.  

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Laura Perras ( and me. Thank you for your continued support and vigilance. 


Lauren Amrhein