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Volunteers, Visitors, Field Trips

For the first six weeks of school, we will not have visitors or volunteers in learning spaces during school hours as school staff establish routines and expectations in their learning communities. 

In-person Meetings 

In person meetings between families and school staff are now permitted. In person meetings will often take place in the Office Conference Room (OCR). If the conference room is not available, there are other smaller conference rooms around the building that can be utilized. A learning space may also be used if students are not present in the room at the meeting time. 

We will still continue to offer phone calls and Zoom meetings. Email is often the best form of communication during the school day, but please note that you may not receive a response until after students are dismissed. School staff attends to the needs of students and their learning during the day and checking email is not the priority.  

We are resuming normal field trips without restriction.