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Food at School


  • Students will order lunch daily, each morning, in their classrooms. 
  • Students will go through the Ray Cafe line to pick up their daily orders if they have purchased lunch. 
  • Classrooms may eat lunch outside, weather permitting
  • No shields or plexi barriers will be used. 

Birthday/Shared Snacks

  • Birthdays will still be honored and celebrated; however, we ask that you not send in shared birthday treats. The rationale for this decision is twofold. 
    • First, we have students with allergies and food restrictions. Birthday celebrations that involve food often unintentionally single out those students. 
    • Second, we believe that birthdays can be celebrated without involving food that has the potential to create an equity issue. Birthdays should be wonderful for all students and not a source of stress for students or families- for any reason. 
  • For class parties, teachers may reach out with requests around classroom celebrations for food items. Provided that opportunities to enjoy snacks are offered to all in a thoughtful manner, items may be donated by families for these scheduled celebrations.
  • Questions about food contributions should be directed to School Nurse Laura Perras or school administrators Lauren Amrhein and Nan Parsons.