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Bathroom Use

We will continue to limit the number of students in a bathroom to 2 students at a time to promote orderly bathroom use. There are signs on the bathroom doors as a reminder, and there will be “wait here” decals outside the bathroom to designated spots where students can wait until a student exits the bathroom. 

  • K-1 children will use their classroom bathroom as usual. If K-1 students cannot access their bathroom due to usage they can use the lobby bathroom.
  • Grade 2-5 will use their pod bathrooms when possible. The maximum number of students in a pod bathroom is TWO. 
  • Classroom teachers will use discretion when allowing students to leave the room for bathroom use. 
  • Only one student at a time should be released from the classroom for each of the two designated pod bathrooms.  
  • If a student enters the bathroom and it is full they may wait in the hallway on a designated location or return to the classroom. 
  • Students need to take responsibility for waiting outside the bathroom if the bathroom already has two inside. 
  • Gym area bathrooms should follow the same rule as grades 2-5, only two students at a time in each bathroom.
  • Students feeling the need to use a bathroom because they are feeling ill should go directly to the nurse’s office when possible.
  • Teachers should ask students to use the bathroom before going outside. If an emergency comes up, the student should use the bathroom in the front lobby.  Students will not escort other students to the front door. Teachers will only send one student at a time. Teachers should walkie in the communication to the office to expect the child.