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The Multi

Multi purpose room, referred to as, The Multi, was the center of the original school. Because it was the assembly place for the whole school, it was a room we were all a part of. If a room could tell stories, it has some to tell. All year through this was the most sought after place for large group activities and it was the assembly place for the whole school. The children sat on the carpeted stairs in the arena setting and every seat would have offered a good view of the meeting or show because the activity usually took place in the sunken area, but the shape of the multi, oblong with deep pockets, made several spots impossible to see from. So, when an assembly was called, there was always a friendly rush to the multi.

The performances ranged from Shakespeare to Gilbert and Sullivan to E. B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web.” All choral concerts took place in the multi and many times the crowds stood in rows one behind the other extending down the hallway past what is now the library.

All classes had two periods a week of physical education. So, when two classes were scheduled at one time, one would be in the gym and one in the multi. The walls were always adorned with either the children's art or the backdrop for a play. An upright piano was usually on the floor of the multi and needed to be moved before each PE class. One day the teacher asked some students to push the piano over, and they did. Three or four got along the keyboard side and ~ pushed and within seconds the piano was lying on its back. No damage done, but a lesson learned.

Until the addition in the late 1990′s, all classes ate their lunches in the multi. On the weekend it was used for Church services.

There was something special about the room. Two memorial services were held in it and one couple passing through enjoyed the art work so, they decided to get married in the multi!

Now, with the gym and new music room used for large assemblies, the multi is used for small gatherings and as a place for quiet-learning times.

students performing for the audience in the multi purpose room.  Piano in the foreground.
students seated in the multi purpose room, teacher in the foreground
students seated in the multi purpose room.  Teacher standing in front of them.