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pic of B Ray

The new school, built in 1970, was name after the longtime principal, Bernice A. Ray. She retired two years before the school opened and in her honor the new school was so named. She is remembered as a very thoughtful person. She is also remembered for her very blue eyes, which could turn steely when necessary. Today, an oil painting of her greets all who enter the doors

The first principal of the Ray School was Jerry Kaplan, He is fondly remembered as an easy-going man, who knew every child’s name. He was the first to recognize the importance of the nature area located behind the school and had benches built which were placed in the area so children and teachers could use them as an outside learning space. When he left, a ceremony was held in the hemlock grove on his behalf.

The next principal was Bo Weaver. He left after a year and a half to complete his doctoral work at Harvard. Arthur Pierce finished out the year.

pic of S Vogel

Then came Stefan Vogel. He loved the arts and promoted large school events. The Colonial House was built during his tenure. He is remembered as a wonderful principal, and a great support to his teachers.

Stefan was followed by Bernadette McLaughlin. While she was here the first, large, Playspace was constructed and Facespace was erected at the entrance to the school’s driveway.

pic L Murphy

Loretta Murphy followed. Under Loretta’s tutelage, the 3R’s: Rights, Respect, and Responsibility were created as a basis for expected behavior in the school community. As a supporter of these principles she was an inspirational leader.


pic B williams

Bruce Williams, the former principal, from 1996 through 2011. He was noted for his mediation skills and his philosophical outlook on life and education. Under his guidance, a new playspace and additions to the playspace were constructed. An outdoor basketball court, a gathering garden, and renovations to the Colonial House were approved under his leadership. He supported the artistic side of the children’s experience and he allowed teachers to dream.

Matt Laramie, former principal from 2011 to 2016 served during the Ray School's renovation from 2013-2015.

Kevin Cotter served as the interim principal in the 2016-2017 school year.

Lisa Sjostrom served as principal in the 2017-2018 school year.


pic of L amrhein

Lauren Amrhein is presently the principal for the Ray School. (2018-2019).