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The Ray School is grateful for the generosity of many donors who have contributed to enhancing our campus and physical environment over the years. From gardens to playgrounds, and from book funds to electronics, our students and our whole community have benefited enormously from the stream of thoughtful and generous support. We are very fortunate.

The Nature Trail 
The Ray School Nature Trail is used in the school curriculum in conjunction with the Guide to Ray School Nature Area.  Local residents are encouraged to use the trail.  Copies of the guide are available from the school library or the Hanover Recreation (Black Center) office, located on Lebanon Street.

Colonial House  
The Colonial House is an authentic reproduction of a post-and-beam residence from the 1700s.  Its construction was the idea of three second grade teachers in 1970, designed in Hanover High student research, and constructed by local volunteers with hand tools of the era.  The house is located behind the school, and is used by the community for a variety of activities, learning experiences, and community gatherings. 

The playground is next to the sidewalk of the entrance driveway, extending from the school building back to Reservoir Road.  

Playground supervision is provided for students during the school day.  When school is in session, the general public may not use the school playground.  During non-school hours use of the playground is permitted with adult supervision not provided by the school.  Please follow the rules of the playground and play at your own risk. 

Playground rules allow for social and physical activity, while maintaining students’ safety.


Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)




Hanover, Dresden, and Norwich Student and Staff


Asbestos Management Plan Annual Notice of Availability


This notice serves to fulfill annual notification requirements in accordance with Section 763.93 of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act (AHERA).  AHERA requires that all school buildings be visually inspected by accredited inspectors to identify all asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) that may be present in the school, and to maintain records of all activities related to inspections, removal and maintenance of ACBM.  As required under AHERA, the Hanover, Dresden, and Norwich Districts must maintain an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) and keep the AMP on file at each school (main offices), and the School Administrative Unit office (SAU).  The AMP is available for review during school hours, Monday through Friday.

The AMP details the location of asbestos in each District owned building and provides a record of re-inspections, periodic surveillance, and removal of asbestos. Please note:  Richmond Middle School is asbestos free.

For additional information, please contact our Local Educational Agency Designee, Anthony Daigle, Director of Facilities at (603) 643-3810.

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