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Hello Ray Families,

Each year the Ray School hosts a Literacy Event in the spring that usually takes place inside the building with lots of stations that the families can visit and participate in, along with local vendors and take-home activities. We have not hosted this event since the lock-down, and are easing our way back into full community events. Although this gathering is greatly missed, our community isn’t ready for a full-on in-person event just yet. To embrace where we are, we have created an at-home and at-school literacy challenge. This year the theme of our Ray Community Literacy Event is "Read ALL May!"

Students have received a bingo board-like sheet with a variety of literacy-based activities that they can complete individually or with their families between May 1st and 31st. Students can complete the bingo sheet and bring it into the library to be entered into a raffle that will be held in early June. Additionally, we have 3 local businesses that have offered a reward/discount during the month of June to any student who brings in their bingo sheet.

Do we have to do it? The goal is enjoyment and celebration of all the ways of reading. This is an optional fun event, just like Literacy Night has been in the past.

Can my younger/older sibling participate? Of course! And siblings can help each other complete squares. We want this to be fun and community building.

Can we do it all in one day? It would certainly be challenging to complete in a day, and it defeats the idea of reading a little each day of May. However, if it just so happens that you end up doing two boxes in a day, go for it! Make a plan, have your family participate, and enjoy Reading ALL May!

Can a book I read last week count? Well, last week was April. This is a May event.

Do we have to turn things in? Not necessary to turn anything in, but we would LOVE to see the creations and enjoyment if you would like to share! Any pictures or videos can be sent to

How will you know if people are honest? At the Ray School we talk about the 3 R's. I would like all students to be honest and show integrity. Let's all support each other and be our best selves.

Can we complete a square in school? Yes! How fun would it be to participate together? Some teachers are already planning some class activities to help their students complete squares together. Feel free to visit the Howe Library to do some book face photos or spine poetry or even find books to meet your goals! While you are there, you can pick up your summer packet and cross off that square!

What is a bookface? Or Spine poetry? Feel free to do a quick google search because there are LOTS of great examples out there, and here are a few samples from our students (with permission).

Book Face: Bookface involves strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art. Librarians and other book lovers post these photos weekly on visual apps like Instagram, using the caption #BookfaceFriday.

Book Spine Poetry: -poetry-month-success-with-book-spine-poems/ ok-spine-poem-gallery/

Feel free to reach out with any questions, participate as you wish, and enjoy opportunities to READ ALL MAY!

If you need help or ideas with any of the squares, I have lots of resources to support you!

Thank you for your support!

Becca Sexton - LMS