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General Library Information

Rebecca Sexton

Rebecca Sexton

Library Media Specialist

Library classes at the Ray School are part of the Specials rotation, alternating with Technology classes. This provides students a library session every other week. Specials run on a 5-day rotation, ensuring each class is attended despite holidays or snow days.

In each library session, students engage in a mini-lesson and read-aloud, and have time to select books. Lessons focus on building information and literacy skills, exposing students to various genres, and promoting critical thinking and effective use of resources.

The Elementary School Library program aims to foster a love of learning and literature through open access to materials, critical thinking, information literacy, and learning through collaborative opportunities with peers. 

Special programming throughout the year supports a lifelong love of reading and builds a community around it. The library is open for book selection throughout the day and students are encouraged to read widely and often.

Happy Reading!
Ms. Sexton

Library Highlights

In addition to classes, the Ray School Library organizes a variety of fun and educational programs throughout the year.

Author Visits: Throughout the school year, we are fortunate to work with The Norwich Bookstore to bring in guest authors and illustrators to engage and inspire our students. In the past two years we have had Adam Rubin, Ricardo Liniers, Elly Swartz, Jason Chin, and Margaret Muirhead.

New Hampshire Student Choice Book Awards: Each year, K-3 students explore the 10 picture books nominated for the Ladybug Book Award. In the spring, students have a chance to campaign for their favorite before casting their vote. Students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to independently read the Great Stone Face Book Award nominees. Students who read at least five of the nominees are invited to cast their vote for their favorite.  

Library Leaders: Students who are interested can participate as a library leader. Students can choose from a variety of activities that grow their love or reading and leadership skills. Students can choose to manage library shelves, help create displays, write book talkers, or even help support younger students in selecting and reading books. 

Book Clubs: A variety of book club opportunities are offered throughout the year, including a Battle of the Books book club. 

Battle of the Books: Starting this school year, students in grades 4-5 are invited to participate in a team trivia competition based on books. Students will be introduced to these books at the beginning of the 2024-25 school year, but the battle of the books will take place in the spring. Check out the Battle of the Books section. 

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